• Your Ancestors are in you




    A constellation is profound, powerful, and mysterious. It can deliver deep healing, growth, and lasting benefits - which extend beyond the individual to all members of the family.


    Minneapolis, Minnesota


    The actions of others in your family system can have substantive (and normally deeply unconscious) effects on you - even across generations. This is because there's a field of intelligence which energetically connects the members of your family. In a constellation we tap into your family field to reveal its true (and often hidden) dynamics, attitudes and behaviors.



    In doing this we're able to address and undo family blocks, traumas, wrongdoings, secrets - in short, any major family issues which are likely to be affecting you negatively. During the process we restore the family's natural balance, get everyone into their rightful place in the system, and liberate you from restrictive patterns.


    Many issues - emotional, mental, even physical - are a result of unhealthy family systems. Until this work is done ruptures in the field can get played out again and again over generations (e.g. the Kennedys.) Anyone whose family has a history (or present) involving dysfunction, mental illness, premature death, personal misconduct, war, abortion, miscarriage, adoption is particularly likely to benefit from this work.


    "Everything you need to know for your own trauma healing is within you. You can access it when you are ready to take the risk." -- Franz Ruppert


    Some specific types of constellation are listed below.


    Working with Children


    We have seen that difficulties with children's behavior can result from family issues and that constellations can be a helpful and effective tool in improving these behaviors (see testimonials.) We also welcome the opportunity to work with children with special needs and illness. Adoption can also be a major event in (both) family systems and if not properly acknowledged can also lead to difficulties, particularly for the adopting family. [When working with children the child need not be present during the constellation.]


    Healing Trauma (Constellations of the Intention)

    In this type of constellation, we bring to light the different parts of the individual for healing and alignment. This typically involves working with a specific intention and the aspects of the subconscious it represents. Because you (your subconscious) set up the constellation, we can work towards the release of deep trauma within safe boundaries ultimately set by you. These kinds of constellations are, in our experience, among the most powerful for rapid healing and transformation.


    Physical Issues

    Very many physical diseases have some component with an underlying emotional, subconscious cause. A constellation can give insight into the cause of disease or, in resolving the emotional, subconscious components, play a part in its healing. We have even heard of progressive MDs prescribing constellations as a part of a treatment program (particularly if there is disturbance in the family history.) [This work is not medical work and does not replace any medical treatment. If in doubt, consult your doctor.]



    Friday, June 16th, 2017


    Deep Constellations of the Intention


    This one-day workshop will allow all participants to have at least one constellation, and many chances to represent. So spaces for constellations are limited to six. In it you'll have the opportunity to go as deeply as you can - as you are comfortable with - into your trauma, but more importantly, into recovering your resiliency. This is deep work, and our purpose is precisely to heal that trauma in you. If you're not comfortable working deeply to get to your resiliency - please consider coming to an alternative workshop. I facilitate it over Skype, while all participants are in-person in the room.


    Constellations of the Intention are different in that we work with a specific, simple intention of yours, rather than beginning with family members. The participants begin by representing these aspects (words) of your intention. As such they represent your psyche, its desires, blocks, and readiness for healing. In this way we work directly with your subconscious, with family members playing a role only when they arise naturally as a phenomenon related to the intention or the subconscious material arising. Working directly with your psyche in this way, we find, brings the most powerful healing effects.


    Next Minnesota workshop: November 2017.


    To register for the workshop or for a private constellation, or for more information, please contact us.




    'After my son was born his dad disappeared. Thirteen years later we worked on the dynamic in a constellation with Jamie. The next day the father called up asking, "How can I help?" I was stunned.' - JP, Maine


    'We came to help our 6 year old son's behavior. He was having a rough time and would often have anger issues, especially in the car, with lots of crying. We came for a constellation .... it was absolutely huge. We are so thankful for this experience.' - TK, Minneapolis


    'I was truly amazed by the results and blown away by your insights. I feel like I was changed in a very profound way, one that I could have never expected or imagined.' - C, San Diego


    'I am doing wonderfully since my family constellation in January. My energy level has stayed up and most often I am living in the moment. There are some projects I hadn't been able to even start that are either completed or are underway. I am thankful every day for your efforts.' - D, MN


    'My son's anger used to last all night. Last night it lasted two minutes. Since the constellation, he's been amazingly calm. Three different teachers have asked me what has happened to him.' - JP, Twin Cities


    'The image of seeing my mom achieving some reconciliation with her biological father was a profoundly moving and emotional experience. It's such a privilege to be a part of this work.' - PB, Twin Cities


    'Things are great...I'm over [the problem]! It really is that simple. I loved the work and I am so grateful to have found you!' - K, Minneapolis


    'I scheduled a family constellation experience because day-to-day living was becoming extremely difficult for me. I wanted to know the reason for this and hopefully to eliminate it. We were able to find the root of the issue and, through the constellation process, remove it. I am feeling wonderful, and my energy has improved immensely.' - D, Twin Cities


    'I wanted to express how positive and powerful was the work we that we did a few weeks ago. It was a very wonderful experience for me.' - S, Minneapolis


    'Thank you very much for the healing yesterday! It really was powerful. My numerous experiences have been very positive.' - AP, Minneapolis


    'A rewarding, enlightening and healing experience. I have walked away from every constellation feeling a lot brighter and with the wish that I could do constellations every day.' - RK, Minneapolis




    Jamie Kirdain

    Jamie has been doing constellation work since 2000. Her Master's in Systems Counseling, background in social work, and nearly 30 years of meditation convince her that every seeming pathology has its roots in a systemic dynamic. Constellations are the perfect way to shed light on this context, and bring healing.


    She facilitates group and individual constellations in person and over Skype. A fluent Spanish speaker, she also has BAs in Anthropology and Creative Writing.


    Jamie also runs The Hariti Center in Santa Monica, which provides communication and parenting resources for awakened living.